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McEachern’s Tool House in Thunder Bay carries a variety of Adhesives, Glues and PU Foams including construction adhesive, wood glue, and low expansion door/window insulation foam for Industry, Construction, and serious Do-It-Yourselfers from such companies as Akfix and DeWalt. Visit our showroom to see are selection of:

  • Adhesives and Glues (cyanoacrylate, polyurethane, stone & brick, and wood)

962P Concrete Stone and Brick Adhesive
  • PU Foam gun cleaner

Thermcoat Thermal and Acoustic PU Foam
08134P-PWR Door and Window PU Foam
083135P-PWR All Season PU Foam
  • PU Foam (all-season, door & window, thermal insulation)

705 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive and Activator
616C Construction Adhesive
D3 Super Wood Glue
PA370 Express PU Wood Glue
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